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Matt Kingston, better known by his stage name audiocaptions, has spent his whole life surrounding himself with music. His obsession started at a very young age learning to play the guitar, violin and pretty much anything that he could get his hands on. With a critical ear and desire to be different, he grew up listening to a mixture of synth-pop and early 90's house. Being ahead of the times and interested in remixing, Matt was forced to seek ways to enhance or even totally change a record. With technical advances and development, Matt started playing with specialist software and hardware launching him ahead of his time. Matt became a recluse to find who he wanted to be, not only as a producer but as an artist which has lead him to where he is today, now known as Anywhere Near Zero

Now lucky enough to have his own state of the art studio, Matt spends every waking hour pursuing perfection and always making sure he pushes the boundaries not only as a producer but as a remixer and very talented DJ. With a very exciting future ahead of us all, Matt is now diving deep into the world of video and social media to bring us his tips and tricks from behind the mixing desk with the aim to not only grow a larger following but to ensure that more people get a better understanding of how he approaches music production and sound science to create a distinctive sound

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